Cost to Taxpayer

The taxpayer is putting in well over $1 billion in direct and indirect subsidies to support a Private MegaSpa. Say no to corporate welfare! Read on for our Financial Audit and shareables about better priorities with taxpayer money.

Financial Audit Presentation

What would you choose?


The Province of Ontario has signed a secret 95-year lease with Austrian Company Therme to build a private mega spa on prime public waterfront land at Ontario Place in Toronto. The project will cost Ontarians hundreds of millions and destroy an internationally significant landscape.
The government’s commitment to this project includes a $650M investment in a 2,000-car underground parking garage and infrastructure upgrades. Rather than channeling funds into this extravagant venture, which stands to benefit a privileged few, the $650M could pay for essential services such as:

*7000 nurses
  Ontario is suffering from nursing shortages and burn out in the health care system.  “Nurses and health-care professionals are speaking out in our own words to share the bleak realities we face as we hold together a system starved of resources by this government,”

*3250 affordable housing units Ontario’s Housing Action Plan target is 1.5M new homes by 2031, with affordable housing a lynchpin to solving the housing crisis. In their 2023 Hunger Report, Feed Ontario states, “22% of food bank visitors have housing costs that exceed their monthly income.”

*800 long-term care beds The Ford government pledged to build 30,000 long-term care beds by 20284. The number of persons aged 85 and older has doubled since 2001, reaching 861,000 in 2021. 

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