About Us & Our Core Principles

About Ontario Place for All:

Ontario Place for All is a grassroots organization who want to ensure Ontario Place redevelopment follows core principles of waterfront revitalization. 

Co Chairs: Norm Di Pasquale and Ann-Elisabeth Samson

Steering Committee Members include experts in architecture, law, urban design and heritage, as well as passionate folks who want an Ontario Place for All.

To Keep Ontario Place For All We Believe:

    • Ontario Place must be for ALL and kept publicly accessible.

    • There must be a thoughtful, comprehensive public review before any changes, with a full and robust public consultation that:

      • conforms to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report’s call for informed, respectful, and meaningful consultation with Indigenous peoples over economic development

      • recognizes the diverse communities that use and contribute to Ontario Place

    • Public interest, not commercial interest must drive the new vision.

    • Future plans must:

      • acknowledge the waterfront’s Indigenous heritage and incorporate meaningful Indigenous consultation

      • maintain Ontario Place as part of Toronto’s waterfront park system.

      • be integrated with the revitalization of Exhibition Place.

      • celebrate Ontario.

      • be guided by a collaboratively developed Conservation Management Plan that sustains Ontario Place as a recognized cultural heritage landscape.

As former Premier William G. Davis has said, “Ontario Place is and was a Crown Corporation so as to serve the public of Ontario – those living in the GTA and visiting from away. It would be a shame and a disservice if commercial gain replaced the public interest on the present site of Ontario Place.

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