April 29th @ 8:30PM: A Wall Is a Screen: Toronto at Hot Docs

Since 2003, the Hamburg-based collective A Wall is a Screen has been transforming walls and other structures around the world into screens as part of its short film walks. Each film is chosen specifically for the site where it is to be projected and adds a layer to its surroundings. The audience follows the projection team from wall to wall, and thus from film to film. Supposedly familiar places in the city appear in a new light. Other sites, which perhaps never seemed to be suited for projection, suddenly light up in a completely new way.

For A Wall Is a Screen: Toronto at Hot Docs, Ontario Place was chosen as a very special site for this unique walk. Before it is transferred into something new, A Wall Is a Screen will show a selection of films inspired by the history, the present and maybe even the future of this iconic location.

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